Marantz Announces New Receiver NR1402 – Coming In May 2011

Marantz NR1402The new Marantz NR1402 is priced at $399. It offers a number of upgrades. The first is the addition of Audyssey MultEQ auto setup. This popular feature enables the user to quickly calibrate their system for great sounding theater results.  Also added are Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume.

NR1402 TechnologiesMarantz’s popular M-XPort enables the NR1402 for wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth. New video features for the NR1402 allow the feature sets for HDMI 1.4a to be passed along in this receiver. It has an HDMI overlay making the NR1402 extremely easy to use. This new performer also has a new GUI with wizard setup and On-Screen-Display.

For custom installation and automation purposes the NR1402 accepts a flasher input. Preamplifier outs for the Main L/R (also selectable for front height, surround backs). The NR1402 features preamp outputs for L/R and allows an external front channel amplifier like the Marantz MM7025 to be used to increase the power of the front L/R channels. Last, the NR1402 has an improved front panel display making it even easier to use than the prior NR1501.

While this receiver might be entry level in terms of price, it certainly isn’t entry level in terms of features. Whether an end user wants to enjoy a movie in 3D, stream music via the optional Bluetooth port or the sonic benefits of Audyssey, the NR1402 makes these features and many more available at a price of under $400.00. Like all “NR” receivers the NR1402 comes in a special low profile chassis that allows it to fit into almost any application.

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